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Our daily interactions with power breeds lead us to develop an extremely durable dog ball that will last longer than a few days. Perfect for big, high drive dog breeds like American Bulldogs, Rottweilers and Pit Bulls. Watching our dogs destroy extreme toys, balls, or garden furniture within hours frustrated us, and we had to find a solution.

What you need to know

The original Large Robust a Ball is an extremely durable dog ball, roughly the size of a soccer ball, with well-placed holes so a dog can pick it up in their mouth or push it around with their paws and nose. Its made out of food-grade plastic and is perfectly safe. Even if your pet does manage to chip a small piece off and swallow it, it will simply pass through the digestive system without doing any harm.

The Large was aimed at the medium to larger destroyer dog. However, we do find even your smaller breeds, like Jack Russel’s, can handle the weight and size and will not be left out of the fun and games. Our research and the feedback from customers prove that the Large Robust a Ball will withstand many weeks, even months of rigorous play.

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Robust a Ball provides hours of enjoyment, mental stimulation and exercise as your pets chase it around the garden.

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If it can keep a lion or tiger busy... and still in tact, then u know it’s a tough ball!! Love it - Jugomaro Predator Park South Africa.
Rosa Fernandes
Beste speelding ooit...myne al 3 jaar.
Anischka Priscilla Tosen
You delivered a ball to me on Friday. My staffie goes through at least 4 normal soccer balls etc every month, which lasts 5 minutes! Since we got ur ball she plays non stop and it lasts! Too an extent that I need to take the ball away otherwise she will not stop lol. Great product! Well done!! Glad I ordered a second one!
Renier van Rensburg
I bought a ball today at WODAC, and I just have to say it is the best thing I have ever bought in my life!!!! I have a Malinois and she gets bored quickly with her toys. She empties a Kong within 5-7 minutes, a trachea last her 2-3 minutes. It is so hard to keep her entertained. I’ve stuffed a piece of liver bread inside the Robust a Ball and been watching her play non-stop for the last hour and half! Thank you for finally inventing something that withstand the terrorizing Maligator!" A few days later, more feed back: She absolutely LOVES this! I LOVE it! Thank you! This ball is really baffling her mind and keeping her entertained for hours!
Anneke Oosthuizen
Sheilo loves hers only ball she has not destroyed.
Tracy Jackson
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