If it can keep a lion or tiger busy... and still in tact, then u know it’s a tough ball!! Love it - Jugomaro Predator Park South Africa.
Rosa Fernandes
Beste speelding ooit...myne al 3 jaar.
Anischka Priscilla Tosen
You delivered a ball to me on Friday. My staffie goes through at least 4 normal soccer balls etc every month, which lasts 5 minutes! Since we got ur ball she plays non stop and it lasts! Too an extent that I need to take the ball away otherwise she will not stop lol. Great product! Well done!! Glad I ordered a second one!
Renier van Rensburg
I bought a ball today at WODAC, and I just have to say it is the best thing I have ever bought in my life!!!! I have a Malinois and she gets bored quickly with her toys. She empties a Kong within 5-7 minutes, a trachea last her 2-3 minutes. It is so hard to keep her entertained. I’ve stuffed a piece of liver bread inside the Robust a Ball and been watching her play non-stop for the last hour and half! Thank you for finally inventing something that withstand the terrorizing Maligator!" A few days later, more feed back: She absolutely LOVES this! I LOVE it! Thank you! This ball is really baffling her mind and keeping her entertained for hours!
Anneke Oosthuizen
Sheilo loves hers only ball she has not destroyed.
Tracy Jackson